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Hi. My name is Mandy and my passion in life is to love Jesus and inspire others to do the same. I am a mother of the two best little boys in the whole world, Caleb and Noah. I thoroughly enjoy my children and am thankful for them teaching me how to love even all night long. That is why I enjoy my morning latte that I like to call “liquid sleep” since most nights I spend waking up multiple times loving my 11 month old baby and walking my 2 year old back to bed. Really they are the best. They brighten up my day and bring so much joy to my heart. From the moment they have been born, I have so loved watching them grow and learn. They truly are blessings from God, and I have learned so much through being their Mommy.

I also really like my husband, Derek. He makes me laugh everyday and always encourages me in my walk with the Lord, whether it is by sharing a recent insight in the Word with me (which takes at least an hour – he’s a talker) or through his steadfast commitment to seek Jesus first and foremost in his life.

I am also a cardiac nurse and get to work at the hospital a few times a month. I enjoy keeping up my nursing skills, learning more about the human body especially the main life force, the heart, and ministering to my patients. The Lord continues to open up numerous opportunities for me to simply pray for my patients and encourage them as well as preach the gospel and see them give their hearts and lives to Jesus, which is always exciting!

This blog is intended for me to share my heart and thoughts in written form. First and foremost, I hope to encourage you in your pursuit of the Lord that you would grow in greater levels of love for Him and that you would be inspired to follow Jesus wholeheartedly all the days of your life. For wives, I hope to encourage you to love your husbands, to truly bless them and see them walk into and enter all that God has in store for their lives. For the moms, I hope to encourage you in ways to serve your children and that you would truly see your calling as a mother as a noble calling that God delights in. For the homemakers, I hope to inspire you to grow in your homemaking skills and talents (as I am just learning) that you would desire to do all things with excellence, including how to make your home a place of joy, peace and rest where the presence of Jesus abides. For the nurses out there, I hope to encourage you in ways to serve your patients as if you were serving Jesus Himself and to be a bright witness for Him in the marketplace.


3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Caitlin says:

    Hey Mandy-
    I like the site-keep it up and enjoyed reading about your perspective as a mom who loves Jesus and loves her boys. 🙂 Ha! Latte is your liquid sleep, huh? And isn’t Derek great with his insights into the Word? (so happy to have him as a prophecy and exhortation loving brother at Hilltop.)
    What kinds of homemaking skills are you learning lately?

    • mandykistner says:

      Thanks Caitlin! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 Pinterst has inspired me to do little crafty things like cover canvases with fabric and hang hooks on it as a jewelry holder. I’ll have to show you sometime. And I’ve been trying to get more organized (thinking through meal planning, my daily schedule and just being more purposeful with my time throughout the day). I have a ton of homemaking crafty things I want to do / learn – sewing projects and fun crafts for Caleb to help me with.

  2. Angie says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Thanks for stopping by Passionate Homemaking today and sharing! I noticed you mentioned you are 8 weeks away from your due date and I wanted to encourage and make sure you had a chance to bop over to the Redeeming Childbirth website and look around, gather and download some of the FREE resources and check out the Ultra-Sound of Worship? I am so glad you came by today and introduced yourself. I pray this experience is really a spiritual milestone for you, your husband and your baby. God Bless

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